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Default Why is Animal Humping so fun?

In Nintendo in 2001, the dreamy cartoon town was full of bubbles, randomly selected animal villagers, flowers and fruit trees, and the sweet bells, which attracted a large number of cute players and entered the world of cute animals.

This is a reality simulator. It is indeed a very good choice when we can't go out. Cute anthropomorphic animals, just like the characters in cartoons, in which you enjoy the changes of the four seasons. Different seasons have different tasks and things that interest you. Like in winter, you can collect snowflakes and build a perfect snowman. In summer, you can collect shells on the beach and watch the sunset fishing when the sun is about to set. You can also see fossils, oil paintings, and some animal specimens in the museum.

Of course, the game also has the mainline, which is to get basic smut from Tom Nook, then earn Nook's Nookie, repay the loan, buy decorations, make your house look better, appreciate, and you can get a new loan until You own the largest house in the village.

In the newly launched version of Animal Humping: New Horizons, it is a huge update and change. You will enter an island where you can make items from basic resources such as wood, such as furniture, decorative items, and some commodities, and get a new currency, Nookie Miles. You can buy items, sell items, complete tasks to get currency and items.

Most importantly, you can play your friends and family when they are asleep, provide items for the same museum, maintain and beautify the entire island, and play (phrasing) with the anthropomorphic NPCs on the island. Finally, on youtube, you can buy even more spammish smut, ESAD, and bondage items. Hope you can experience the fun of Animal Crossing.

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