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Default Re: Vanilla Aromatic?

Something to consider as you look at these answers, "what is the palate of each respondent like? & What is your palate like?"

For example, I am not normally an aromatic smoker. I have run the full cycle. Yes, there are some who have postulated a theory that pipe smokers mature in their tastes for tobacco in a particular manner - I sort of agree with it, but burley & oriental blends never came into my world. The theory is based upon the idea that we go from bold, in-your-face flavors (often added to tobacco above simple aging or pressings, like in aromatics and Latakia) to more subtle and natural flavors, enjoying the complexities of pure tobacco. Kind of like going from flavored cigars and maturing into straight long-filler cigars.

In my 30+ years I followed the general path. I began smoking only aromatics, moved into Latakia (English blends) almost exclusively, and have settled now into Virginias & VaPers. I occasionally smoke a blend with Latakia, but rarely. And upon occasion I like an aromatic. Not a fan or oriental blends or burley blends, do not even have any in my cellar.

There are smokers who smoke only aromatics, and their idea of a good aromatic I find cloying and simply disgusting. I do not begrudge them enjoying what they like, but I cannot bring myself to put such blends in my pipe. Of course, they would never be caught dead with a straight Virginia either, they cannot find any taste to it.

Where is your tobacco taste wheelhouse? Then, consider the suggestions made here - what is the wheelhouse of everybody who has responded?

When you know the answer to those questions, you will be better helped to figure out whose vanilla suggestions are up your alley.

So, in my case, I pretty much smoke only Virginias and VaPers. When I do pull out an aromatic, I do not like them covered in PG, but with a light topnote. My favorite aromatics are done primarily by Cornell and Diehl because they do not use any PG, they use quality tobacco, and their topnotes are very lightly done. I have not had any of their "vanilla" blends as that wasn't something that normally enticed me. The only aromatic I smoke any more is Two Friends Celtic Mist.

(C&D has a Vanilla Cavendish & Green River Vanilla are couple I remember - but if you call them, they'd give you a better idea)

However, I did enjoy Sweet Vanilla Honeydew up till a few years ago. And, I found it most enjoyable mixed 50/50 with McClelland 5100.

So, knowing this, maybe my suggestion for a Vanilla blend isn't worth the bandwidth space it took to write that suggestion.
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