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Default Re: Aristocrat Upgrades

That Hurricane II is massive looking. Did you upgrade because you wanted more water capacity or were you having humidification issues?
I wanted more water capacity and faster rebound times. In the winter time I was refilling every 2-3 weeks. Sealed better now with some silicone in a couple spots and some door adjustments. This should quadruple my time between fills.

My 48 plus is around 10 years old and I imagine someday I'll have to replace at least some of the set & forget system. My controller is the old LCD unit. I'm curious why you went to what appears to be a bigger system. Might be something I'll consider someday.
My controller died. Which is why I made an order for additional components in the first place. Bob took good care of me as the controller died 4-6 years before the end of its expected lifespan. I figured since i was changing the controller too a newer model anyways I would add the H2 that I have been eyeballing for a few months now.

We typically have single digit humidity out here in the desert yet my 1.5 quart system has always handled the environment fine. If you're planning to run both humidifiers, aren't you concerned you may end up with a tropical rain forest effect?
Yes I am running both humidifiers simultaneously.

The 1.5qt has never had a problem keeping up, even with our <10% RH winters. This is an unneccassary upgrade for most people. I wanted the additional water capacity and the faster rebound times.

Not concerned with over humidification no. Theres also 14pds of HCM Beads in this humidor. And this new controller responds too RH changes super fast. Between that and the beads I think it will have a hard time overshooting, even if I installed the massive 120cfm fan....
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