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Default Re: falconman515's NewAir AW-280E 28 Bottle Wineador Build!

FYI for those looking to make the purchase of this 28 Bottle NewAir Wine Cooler on Air N Waters eBay website (best Price around $175 Shipped).

When you make a purchase on eBay a lot of electronics qualify for a 3rd party warranty.

When you place an order on their direct website they carry the same warranty there but its through RepairMaster and their 3 Year Extended Warranty Runs $59.99 extra.

Now if you purchase through their eBay site (which is a big price difference between their regular site as far as pricing... for sure get it on eBay) you will receive an email saying your purchase qualifies for a 3 year extended warranty via SquareTrade (very reputable company from what I have heard and read) for $49.99.

So there is a savings on a 3 year warranty here for $10 .... BUT I am sure you will get the same email I got..... I placed the order a week ago and today I received an updated Squaretrade email stating looks "looks like you haven't taken advantage of the extended warranty we have to offer, if your still interested here is a 20% coupon code for your 3 year extended warranty.

Now the 3 year Warranty to add is only $39.99

Here is the details when you click on the coupon code:

Covered Item:
new 28 bottle wine refrigerator chiller cellar c item
Coverage Length:
3 years of Extended Coverage more
Coverage Details:
100% Parts & Labor - Zero Deductibles.
Care Plan Price:
Your Price after 20% Discount $39.99
Buy Risk Free:
Transfer or cancel at any time

So all in all for this cooler with a 3 Year Extended Warranty it would only cost you total shipped: $215.21 !!!

If you purchased this on Air N Waters Website (at the current sale price right now) with the RepairMaster 3 year warranty your total would be $263.90

That's a $48.69 savings. and cheaper than any other cooler on the market without a warranty.

Just thought I would pass this info on in case you are thinking of taking the plunge.... This unit seems to be a great unit so far, looks amazing, has all the things all other coolers have for half the price.... and with a 3 year warranty.... You can have peace of mind knowing if it dies out on in your in a couple years your covered for a Brand New one or your money back!

Not a bad deal I would say!
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