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Default Re: falconman515's NewAir AW-280E 28 Bottle Wineador Build!

In its new home (was going to go in the office but just decided to keep it in the kitchen . breakfast nook area).

One thing though to answer a question I brought up earlier about the condensation... I have plugged the hole with electrical tape and it has been running for a few hours (getting the new motor smell out) and I have yet to have ANY condensation at all!

At the moment I am just trying to get the plastic smell out as much as I can... I have wiped it down a few times with warm water and baking soda then cleaned with unscented dish soap and now I have a few pieces of cedar in there to start masking the smell a bit and a tupperware bowl of Baking soda to soak up the smell.

Later tonight I will turn off the unit and stuff it full of newspaper (heard this works well) to let it sit overnight, then repeat the wash down process tomorrow and may throw in some activated charcoal. I know the smell wont go away completely (Its plastic guys you cant get rid of a smell 100% of what it actually is) but I want to get rid of the overpowering plastic smell do where its a dull faint smell and after seasoning trays in there with cedar cigar boxes there wont any smell left.

I still I will be moving over my two trays of smokes from my earlier build to this new once I get the smell gone and just have the trays with my singles and have the rest of my cigars just in ziploc bags sitting on the metal shelves.

I would like to get some to Drawers from Forrest but not sure if I can afford em yet.

But I put the two $10 SC trays sitting on top of the shelves in there and it actually loks nice. For 10 bucks a cedar shelf (Cheap Humidors Cedar Cigar Tray with Divider) .... If interested search for their eBay site they are still $9.99 but have free shipping) with there only 6 spots for trays (not counting the bottom since most of your KL/Beads should go there) its not a bad deal if you dont want to go the entire drawer route (Sorry Forrest just throwing out options for the new guys who may not have the money you know).

Not sure the route I am going just since I kinda like the way the trays look just sitting on the metal shelves (plus its easy access if you want to pull them out and look through the tray you can... its more difficult with built in drawers).

Well that's where I am at right now guys.... I Will continue updating with Pics and changes as the build moves on.

Thanks for checking out this thread and I sure hope this helping out some present and future BOTL on their builds or ideas on what you want to do yourself.
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