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Default Re: Consuegra cigars

Originally Posted by mrgto View Post
Can someone help with all the consuegra numbers? What do they all mean?
Just their way of listing the sizes. I dug this up for you from an old thread on another board. My personal favorite (of the 4-5 I've had) is the #9 Maduro. One of my favorite cheapies.
No. Size Best Villazon Matches (Note: Only most widely available sizes listed.)
#1 6.5X42 ULT Cetro, PUNCH Oxford Deluxe
#2 4.5X28 ULT Habanella, PUNCH Slim Panatella
#3 5.5X43 BF Corona, HDM Tubo, BELINDA Spanish Twist
#5 5.5X37 ULT Petit Cetro, ERDM Tino, EXCAL VI
#8 5.5X28 ERDM Elegantes
#9 4.5X50 PUNCH/HDM/ULT Rothschild
#10 5X41 PUNCH London club, HDM Sabrosos
#108 6.5X46 ULT Cab 10
#14 7.25X54 BF 754, ULT 1,ULT Cab 60, ERDM Robusto Suprema, HDM Sultans, PUNCH Chateau L
#15 6.25X45 EXCAL II, HDM Churchill
#16 6X48 PUNCH Pita
#17 5.5X47 HDM Café Royale, PGC Superior
#18 7.25X46 BELINDA 1835, PUNCH After Dinner
#25 6.75X48 FDA Prominente, BF/ULT/HDM/PUNCH Doub. Corona, EXCAL Banquet, PGC Monarcha
#26 5.5X42
#28 8.5X52 ULT/HDM/PUNCH Presidente, EXCAL Emperor, ERDM Coronation, PGC Prince Consort
#29 6X41
#30 5.25X50 ULT Cab 20, EXCAL Epicure, PUNCH Corona Gorda Deluxe, PGC Robusto
#68 5X37 FDA Especiale 5, BF Palmita, ERDM Reynita
#70 5.5X44 ERDM Corona, HDM Super Hoyo, PUNCH Café Royales, PUNCH Royal Coronation
#72 5X54 BF 554, ULT Cab 40, ERDM Robusto Zavalla, ERDM Robusto
#73 6X54 FDA Regordo, BF 654, ULT Cab 50, ERDM Reserva Salado
#73M 6X54 ULT Principale, ERDM Robusto Larga
#84T 6X54 ERDM Flor de Llaneza, PGC No. 2
#84B 6X50 FDA/ULT, BF Belicoso
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