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Default Re: Air filters & you: The for cleaner air.

No experience with Rabbit Air.

Before I had the smoking lounger built, I used to use a Csonka air purifier when my wife was out of town & I'd sneak a smoke in the house. It did a great job when left to run for a few hours, but definitely did not immediately trap the smoke or stop it from wafting about. Over a fairly short period of time, however, it did completely eradicate any smoke odors. Because the Csonka produces ozone (I think it was ozone - the air smelled like it does after a big lightning storm), it was not recommended to use it in an enclosed space while you're in it. The room then needed to be vented a bit afterwards.

I don't know of a product that is truly able to pull off what you're describing, but please keep this thread updated as a lot of us will be very interested in the results.
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