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Default Lane BCA

This is another of the 1oz samples I got in my new stuff pkg to try. It turns out to be very much like the Sutliffe Tobac Noir that I like.

It is a black cavendish but isnt wet like Tobac Noir is in the tin. I dry the latter for an hour or two before burning.

It is very mild, very light and has a light vanilla note. I like it. It packs best with a gravity load not pressing it in too much. (in my experience anyway)
It burn cool and does not hot up the bowl a lot like 1Q did.

I bet this has a lot of names and is sold all over. This one is a good one for anyone to try. A great beginner tobacco as it is light mild sweet and smells great. Depending on price I could buy this instead of the Tobac Noir.

Good stuff!
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