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Default Re: falconman515's NewAir AW-280E 28 Bottle Wineador Build!

Beads will absorb urine just as KL does. Lol

KL is a 100% viable option over beads for sure.

Beads are awesome but maybe I just had a bad batch when I purchased mine cause the KL maintained perfect Rh when the beads I ordered did not.

Regardless of wether KL is programmed to be at a certain percentage the one thing is does is hold perfect at 65% 24-7. So as long at my Rh stays dead on at all times I will use it forever.

I did tons of research before using this stuff and regardless of what it's manufactured for it humidifys Perfect! The oust fan I have was manufactured to blow sweet smelling air in a room but I turned it into fan to move air around my cooler.... My media bags are made for aquarium charcoal but work great to hold beads or KL.... My wine cooler is made to cool wine but it works great to house and tempeature control my cigars. Some things are made for one thing but work excellent for something else.

I'm not a pro KL guy by any means but after all the research I did I found out it works perfect to humidify cigars so I gave it a shot after spotty results from and it hasn't failed me yet and found that it takes even less upkeep to hold the Rh now.

If you decide to go either way im sure you will be happy. But it's always nice to have options at a cheaper price.

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