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Default Indomina toro (A.J. Fernandez)

This one appears to be an exclusive blend for Famous Smoke Shop. A Google search only shows them being sold by Famous. I like most of A.J.'s blends, so I pulled the trigger on a couple of fivers of these. Good price at $13 per 5-pack.

Not a particularly attractive cigar visually. Dark brown wrapper that looks thick. Slight floral aroma to the wrapper. Nice weight to the cigar, good construction, draw is a bit loose but not bad.

First few draws...a bit of hay/earth in the nose, floral on the finish.

About 1" in...hay has subsided and floral has become more pronounced. Medium "strength"; not a triple ligero bomb.

About 2" odd vegetal flavor is creeping in. Maybe the hay flavor? Good burn. This cigar is just OK so far. The aroma coming from the foot smells kinda woodsy.

About halfway...that odd flavor is getting more intense. I am not digging this cigar, honestly.

I let this thing die. It wasn't a dog rocket per se, but it just wasn't good.

Final thoughts...this thing tastes like Famous approached A.J. and said, "Hey bro...make us a cheap cigar that we can put in a cool looking jar." I guess I'll let the rest sleep for a while and revisit.
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