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Default Re: Virginia/Perique (VaPer) Showdown

Now for something completely different.

Well not that different (forgive me Eric Idle). There are a few VaPer hybrids that I would highly recommend. One of those would be Haddo's Delight commented on by a lot of people on this board. Another would be the Exhausted Rooster that EvanS sent to me. Exhausted to me seems more like a Virginia/Burley (golden sliced) with a bit of Perique mixed in. Since Evan is always trying to pull people over to the dark side of Burley, I truly believe that this is his attempt to tarnish my beloved VaPers with the vile leaf of Burley that he so loves. Sorry Evan, evan a tin signed by Craig Tarlor won't pull me over to that dark side.

One final that I gave props too earlier was the Virginia Spice blend from Hearth & Home. While I appreciate these blends very much, I feel it an injustice to put them in the Showdown due to the fact that the Perique plays such a small role in the overall blend.

The above three along with Peterson's Irish Oak would all be in the top 8 of VaPer hybrids if I were ever to put a list together. Another notable mention would be Waccamaw from Low Country Tobacco ( This blend is made for them by none other than the mighty man Craig Tarlor from C & D. This VaPer is made with red virginias (which I love, think Hal O' The Wynd) and also has Izmir Leaf in the blend which adds an extra spice of oriental in there.

Also, if you are a lover of the VaPer blends and you haven't noticed from my reviews, you people really need to hop onto the Hearth & Home website and order some of their bulk blends. Russ is doing a great job with these blends and I enjoy them (and their price) a lot more than some of the more expensive tinned blends.
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