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Default Re: Virginia/Perique (VaPer) Showdown

Up next is Gawith and Hoggarth’s Louisiana Flake. Now whereas Samuel Gawith’s St. James Flake was small and demure, G & H’s version of this genre is a goliath!! I’m not sure if this is sold in a tin and is smaller but the sample I got was from their bulk selection and good Lord those flakes are huge!! I would say they are about 1.25 inches wide by 6 inches long!!

The aroma of this blend is a bit odd as there is more than a hint of chocolate in there. There is also the Lakeland floral that I enjoy so much as well. As far as I can find, this is the only VaPer offering from the venerable Gawith and Hoggarth company. Could it be that we have a mix of something similar to Gawith’s St. James Flake mixed with G & H’s Bob’s Chocolate Flake? This possible combination has piqued my interest and so on to the review.

As I stated above, these flakes are large and take a bit to rub out. I got a pair of scissors and cut them down a bit before I started rubbing them. The moisture level seemed perfect when it was in flake form but once I cut it down it seemed a bit damp to me. So I set it out on a paper towel for about 30 minutes and it seemed ready to go.

After being cut down the flakes become a lot more pliable and this blend is fairly easy to stuff down in the bowl. The pipe I used had a medium-large size bowl. It might not be as easy trying to stuff these strands into a small bowl like on a churchwarden. It took to the lighter really fast and after one false light it was off and racing.

The initial flavors were easy to discern. Virginia, yep it’s in there. Perique, yet it’s in there too. Lakeland taste, yep it’s in there. But there is something on the outlying edges that was just whispering in there. After a few puffs I was able to identify it. Chocolate. Now because I had never run into this flavor combination I was excited and worried all at the same time. I was excited because the tastes coming together at this point were delicious but I was worried that if one started to dominate then the great taste would diminish.

After the halfway mark my worry began to slip away. They had nailed this blend. It was great all the way through. I highly recommend this blend. While it may not be your favorite, the addition of the chocolate to a VaPer blend is something interesting to behold. It also makes this blend hard to rank. I think that this blend will take over the 8th spot. I could rank it higher but because the chocolate taste is added it’s not a true VaPer taste and it would be unfair to the genuine VaPers above it.

1) McConnell Scottish Cake
2) Samuel Gawith’s St. James Flake
3) Escudo
4) GL Pease Filmore
5) H & H AJ’s VaPer
6) Peretti’s Park Square
7) H & H Anniversary Kake
8) G & H Louisiana Flake
9) Reiner’s Long Golden Flake
10) Treasures of Ireland - Limerick
11) Dorchester
12) Luxury Bullseye Flake
13) McClelland Bulk 2015
14) GL Pease Telegraph Hill
15) Kajun Kake
16) Luxury Navy Flake
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