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Default Re: Virginia/Perique (VaPer) Showdown

Well I smoked my first two contestants over the past couple of days. I decided to put Escudo against Stokkebye's Luxury Bullseye since they are so similar in appearance. Also, because I'm waiting on my order of 2015 and Anniversary Kake from pipesandcigars.

I smoked these pretty much back to back in seperate pipes. One day I smoked Escudo first and then followed it about an hour later with LBE and then did the opposite the next day.

I would have to say that Escudo appealed to me more. LB is kind of an Escudo Lite if you will. Escudo had a more pleasing taste and aroma to me. It seemed that the tobacco was married a little bit better than the LBE.

The LBE was also a lot more dry coming out of the pouch. The Escudo stayed a bit more moist in the tin that it was in when I cracked it open. This might have to do with the better flavoring. The Escudo had a more date/fig/dried grapes smell while the LBE had a more grassy/hay smell. The LBE was still sweet smelling but in less of a fruity way.

Both tobaccos lit and stayed burning well. I dried them out about even so this didn't surprise me. The LBE kind of lost it's taste and started to sour at the end of the bowl.

Here are the standings so far:

1. Escudo
2. LBE

I plan on tackling the Dorchester and the CAO Treasures of Ireland - Limerick next.

After that, I'm going to pit the two Kake tobaccos against each other.
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