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Default Re: Cutting the Cable/Satellite Cord

Originally Posted by mmblz View Post
400 MB??? That sucks!
Do you get cell phone service at your house? Have you looked at a cell modem? Check out THey have a cap but if you buy the modem it is 10GB...
I looked in to it (It's what I used to do for a living after all ) however the service at my house is spotty. The terrain doesn't lend itself to sustained data rates worth a hoot. Even my smart phone has issues.

HughesNet uses what they call a FAP or Fair Access Policy. Basically says how much you can download in a 24 hour period. This includes your E-mails, uploads, etc. So I don't watch many video's as you may imagine heh

Once you exceed that speed, they cut you back to dial up.

Not to mention you have the same weather issues with the Sat ISP that you have with Sat TV. Weather, rain, cloud cover, etc.
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