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Default Re: Biscuits and Gravy

Originally Posted by Darrell View Post
You can't get biscuits and gravy in NJ?

The grocery store sells all of those ingredients he listed.
hey Mo-Mo.....

"pre-made biscuits and gravy"...

yes, i can go to the grocery store and get the gravy-in-a-can GARBAGE and the tube-O-biscuits and enjoy the same flavors one finds in a BOOT!

i'm talkin aboot the "made from scratch" jam!

like the B&G you can only find freshly made south of the dixie like from the corner store in texas or the "big mommas" diners in florida or like crackel barrel in georgia and south carolina used to make (they still do, just not as good).

that's what i'm talkin aboot my friend!

i remember when "wawa" tried to put it on their AM menu...close but no cigar!

i don't know about right this second but i moved to FL when i was 12 and came back when i was 14 and there was no such thing as biscuits and gravy to be found up here. not on any breakfast menus at the 4 diners in a 1 square mile vicinity to my house. none at denny's,none at perkins, none!

like i said slappy, you can't get biscuits and gravy up here in JOISEY.

omg, i remember like 10 years ago a few friends and i went on a road trip to vermont to snowboard at "okemo" mountain. we stopped at a diner up there called "the damn diner" (i shite you not, that was the name of it, it was near a dam in VT) to eat breakfast before we rode. we all ordered breakfast and i placed an order for biscuits and gravy. she took the order with no problem, 15 minutes later all of our food comes out, orders of eggs,sausage,bacon,pancakes all sorts of good arse breakfast yummies! than she hands me my plate.....................................

it's 4 pillsbury biscuits each the size of half dollars, with BROWN turkey gravy poured all over the top of them...............

they just don't do B&G up here in tha norf..
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