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Default Re: What's in your smoker?

Originally Posted by T.G View Post
Like I need another smoker...
Yes, yes you do!

The rephrasing of the question is definitely clearer.
My Memphis has the firepot in the center, so I can't comment on any difference in the locations.
However, my guess is that the location of the pot shouldn't matter based on the fans for convection cooking that all pellet grills (that I know of) use.
I would guess that any uneven cooking on a pellet grill is from heat escaping, not where it is being generated.
Of course, I have no evidence or science to back this up. But what good is talking BBQ if you cant bull$hit a little?
The lid on the Memphis is gasketed, so it cooks like a true convection oven.
With the firebox in the center, the short throw is made possible by dropping pellets onto a ramp and having them slide down into the firepot.
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