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Default One more Pu Erh thread

OK, so I've been reading here, there and everywhere about pu erh (rhyme was not intentional, but what the heck.....)

Could someone steer me to a place that has quality samples at a reasonable price so I can decide what I like etc...?

I drink a gunpowder green daily, and have some quality Oolong stashed away for special days, but want to check this pu erh out and see if I want raw to age myself, or go for the matured "cooked".

I have a co-worker who's brothers live in Nepal, and have property in Darjeeling who sends me teas periodically, very nice teas....though labels/descriptions are mostly in Sanskrit, so I have no idea what I am drinking...her brothers send it to her, she sends them to me and says "you'll like this", and she's usually right!
She's headed for India and Nepal this month, and has promised to bring back some Nilgiri tea for me, I told her I needed enough to share with the CA tea gurus.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling....too much caffeine I guess
Thanks in advance...
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