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Default Re: Shipping cigars to my Marine.

Originally Posted by T.G View Post
Yep. I double bag though, and boxes get vacuum sealed or wrapped in pallet wrap (super thick saran wrap).

For big shipments, the "ammo can" boxes work well.
They hold about 40-45 cigars plus a water pillow. Long cigars on their side, with some short ones standing up to fill the space at the end. scraps of bubble pack in the box to keep the cigars from bouncing around. Put a layer of pallet wrap around the box to keep the lid gasket sealed in transit. I found that the troops get as excited about the "ammo box" as the cigars, since they aren't allowed to keep the real munitions cans.

Don't write "cigars" or "tobacco" on the customs form.

Since he's on a float right now, he probably only has one sea chest worth of space for his belongings. PM me his address and I'll get a small gift pack out to him.
thank you Adam, I shoot you a pm today
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