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Default Re: Show your latest NC purchase IV

Some nice looking cigars. I guess sweetening of the caps is an old tradition but as long as the cigars are using good tobacco thatís just an oddity for today.

Iíll be curious to see your thoughts upon smoking one.

Originally Posted by gomeitsmybday View Post

Isabela Christmas Sampler and 2 extra sticks tossed in for free!

Okay so this one is a bit different. I wasn't initially sure about posting in this thread because they were a Christmas gift from my mother, so I had stashed them away and forgot to post them.

I had mentioned to her in passing that a site i like that reviews cigars (Katman) had reviewed an odd brand very highly and that I was curious about them. Sure enough, she ordered me this sampler! I know Katman has been sponsored by Isabela but generally speaking, my cigar preferences seem to mirror that Katman dude quite a bit, so I felt inclined to at least check these out.

Unfortunately it appears that they sweeten their caps, but not heavily so and while the barberpole wrappers come off as kind of gimmicky, as long as they smoke well I could give 2 flying ducks what they look like. Also, I've read that the tobaccos in these cigars have been extensively aged before being shipped out.

I'm curious though, has anyone tried these before? I'm going to try to give them another month or so before I test drive one of the smaller ones.
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