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Default Re: Personal Avatar Notice

Originally Posted by poker View Post
Thanks Michael.

We have usually always left options like avatars up to the members to decide what is appropriate and not appropriate in the past. We feel that most everyone here is an adult and can think for themselves. We would prefer to allow the members to decide first.

97% or so of the members here are familiar with how we ran other boards, and pretty much know the ground rules have not changed here.
The other 3% or so of the members we hope would read the stickies. This way it does not appear to be a targeted rule to the few in violation, but rather a general policy for everyone. This way nobody feels singled out per say.

The other suggestion of avatar processing would be too much work to be honest.

We have talked about this for some time behind closed doors and never said anything until now.

Trust me, nothing much is done here on an administrative level without plenty of dialog and feedback with the staff.

There is a definite plan in place on how this will be done.

Your feedback is appreciated though.

Thank you


Thanks very much for the detailed and articulate reply! My you all succeed in your endeavor.


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