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Good morning all and always, the coffee is on. As a matter of fact, it's been on since 0330 (3:30 am) since we had an Adverse Weather Condition Conference Call resulting from a major ice storm. Currently at West Point we have a "Code Red" condition until 1000 (10am) which means everything is shut down. After that, we go to a "Code White" for the remainder of the day and that simply equates to if you have the vacation time saved up, you can stay home with no questions asked. Last night's GMAC Bowl was a blow out with Tulsa Stomping Ball State, 45-13. Here is a down and dirty link from ESPN stating the facts:

As for today, we have a variety of NHL and NBA games on as well as a number of college basketball match ups. I hope everyone has a safe day and enjoys a favorite or two if the get the opportunity........
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