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Default Re: Fantasy Football for stakes and the Troops

Originally Posted by shilala View Post
Jeremy, I'll send out invites to the guys who have already signed up as soon as I get a chance. That way you all can preview league rules before the draft. We gotta hustle and get three more guys.
My thinking was 10 guys, wide open scoring, and plenty of Free Agents to fill a decimated roster. That way it'll force guys to stay on top of their teams to be competitive.
It'll also allow guys to look at their head to head weeks and get pretty cocky. That'll generate even more side bets, and/or opportunity to lure guys into stuff like "beat me this week, I buy the troops a bundle, lose, you buy it."
If the league gets deeper, it makes it hard for teams to score big points. In twelve man leagues, if one team keeps four studs healthy all year, they win, and there's no possible way for a guy with an injured marquee RB and QB to compete.
This way, everyone who watches their weekly matchup can tweak their team and pick up what they think they need to kick ass.
That make sense from that angle?
I know it's a lot different than twelve team leagues.
Sounds good, but what do you mean by wide open scoring? Also, by deeper I was thinking more roster spots, not more people playing, but I'm down with whatever. I thought it might be fun to play with starters than usual. Either way, we need a couple more, hurry up and get in here.
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