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Default Ethiopian Yirga Chaff

Since I am a few days away from home roasting, I had to make one last trip to the local roaster at Whole Foods and say goodbye and pick up some beans to get me through until Tuesday.

They had just roasted Ethiopian Yiga Chaff and since coffee was born in Ethiopia and I hadn't yet tried anything from there, I picked some up.

A few things really stood out for me about this bean.

First, the aroma after grinding seemed to have a much different aroma than the mainly South and Central American ones I normallly buy. To me, it really had a kinda fruity smell.

Second was how little sugar it needed to taste good. I am pretty much drinking it straight as it tastes very nice without sugar.

Lastly, it produces abundant crema, but the crema color was unlike any I have seen before and I am wondering if it might be an operator error on my part with the new grinder. The closest thing I can put on the crema was it reminded me of a damn creme brule' in appearance.
I took a pic....

Anyway, I am extremely impressed with this stuff on the day after roast.

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