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Originally Posted by Zanaspus View Post
Alright, my quick and dirty guide to on-line tea retailers. - A nice domestic retailer for those starting out in the world of tea. - Same as specialteas above.

IMHO, these are the two places to start your tea journey. I should mention Teavanna here. Many love these folks, many order from them. I do not nor would not do business with them. I shall disparage no more than that apart to say price/quality is just not there. If you'd like me to disparage more, do it in PMs please.

Now, the next level, should you decide this tea thing is for you are the domestic premium tea retailers:
plus several more too numerous to mention.
I will say that these are good, quality vendors with quality teas. I will also say that I do not use them. I tend to order from China, Japan, Taiwan, etc., the source as it were.

Some of my favorites in this vein are: (Yes, they're domestic, but Guang has access to some truly stunning teas not available elsewhere). My favorite oolong vendor. My favorite pu-erh vendor. My favorite Chinese green vendor. Another domestic, but Iman has the best Dan Cong oolong generally available.

and others too numerous to mention.

Should you find yourself far enough down the slope that this last group comes into play, check out , the Cigar Asylum of the tea world.

Hope this helps.
I don't have the time in business of some of the folks above, but in the absence of that, I have the enthusiasm and the interest in my customers.

If I don't have what you are looking for, I will make every attempt to get it for you at the best price. I also make the claim that I will meet or beat the price of any US-based pu-erh tea vendor for the same tea.

We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your tea source of choice on the Internet.

Best regards,
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