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Default Re: Whats in your bowl?

I just got a 2 oz bag of Samuel Gawith Grousemoor Plug. I am a little under the weather with allergy sniffles but decided to pack a bowl right off the bat in a New Leoness straight pipe I had sitting around waiting to be used on a new tobacco. I did not cube cut it from the plug , in fact, I peeled off layers off a chunk and packed it in. It was tight, but the undescribable taste kept me puffing away stirring it from the hole so I can inhale it. At first I just kept puffing away not sure what to think. Do I like it or should I toss it. But a little after halfway when it really got easily smoking I said ahh this is nice. It is Like no Pipe tobacco I have ever tasted before. In fact I still don't know what to think of it but can't help but wonder if 2 oz will last me a year of grabbing from it here an there. Theres more SG products I want to try so it must last or just savor it awhile until I conclude what I really think of it after I smoke the 2 oz of it. But I do have a bowls worth I cubed cut sitting ready in a baby jar waiting for next time I am ready to try it out when my allergies aren't acting up.
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