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Default Plasencia Alma Fuerte Generacion V Salomon

I've enjoyed Plasencia's cigars for many years now. The El Paraiso factory has made quite a few highly rated cigars over the years, and also a lot of budget-friendly cigars. The Alma Fuerte is the first cigar (as far as I know) with the Plasencia name on it to rank in Cigar Aficionado's top 25 cigars of the year (#9 IN 2017).

First off, the presentation is FANTASTIC. The heavy box comes apart in the middle, and the top part of the box is a large, 4-cigar ashtray. Kinda gimmicky, but also pretty utilitarian and cool. The cigars look really great inside the box.

The cigars themselves look really nice. Deep brown wrappers with no blemishes. Nice weight in the hand. The wrapper only has a faint scent of tobacco. Nice cut; really good draw for this shape.

First few draws...straight tobacco with a woodsy note through the nose.

About 1" in...a few burn corrections, which I have come to expect from this shape of cigar. Medium "strength", just a bit of spice through the nose and some anise and honey on the finish.

About 2" in...large smoke volume. Burning more straight now. As I type with the cigar between my teeth, the aroma from the foot is really nice. It's a distinct woodsy aroma. The flavors are similar; a touch of spice with wood, anise and honey through the nose and on the finish.

About halfway...a nice coconut note has come in out of nowhere. I actually took a draw of the cigar, then looked at it, like, "Wow." The flavors in this cigar are subtle, but very present. If that makes any sense.

A little past halfway...this cigar is tasting great and burning really nicely. Only a couple of small burn corrections, which is surprising for me for this cigar shape. The coconut flavor has become dominant, and the "strength" has kicked up a notch. The anise flavor on the finish is still there. This is one slow burning cigar. I lit it up about an hour ago.

Toward the end...the coconut flavor is still there, along with the anise flavor on the finish. As the cigar burns toward it's end, the flavors linger on the palate between draws. The anise flavor is becoming more intense. I nubbed this cigar further down than any other cigar I've smoked recently.

Final thoughts...rarely, if ever, have I smoked a cigar that lived up to the high ratings on CA, but this one lives up to the hype. Are they worth the retail price? Ehh...depends on how much disposable cash you have, I guess. I snagged this box for a good chunk below retail...and I just snagged a second box at around the same price.
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