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Default Re: Hygrometer?

No you are not dumb, i have problems with some of mine in the vino. The top will read 68, middle 60, bottom 68... move them around and they all read 67 or something different. I would trust the beads but at the same time i like to have the digital to back that up. Depending on the batteries i would look at maybe changing those if the hygros are the ones that take AAA. Than as they said do the salt test. make sure you do this test correctly(i use a larger cap or shot glass full of salt than lightly wet) and let them sit for around 48 hours. I also have found putting 2 hygros in one test bag can mess the test up. i also will sometimes double bag them to make sure i have a good seal. Try those and get back to us on the results. In the mean time make sure the beads are around 60-70% clear and you should be fine.
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