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Default Re: Beginner Questions (Ask Them Here!)

Hey everyone!

So I've recently made the transition from wooden humidors to coolidors (the heavens parted and harp playing cherubs serenaded me when I finally came to this revelation.)
The coolidors are for longer term storage and I move cigars to smaller, more portable lock & lock boxes (air tight tubs, in other words...) to sit for at least a week @ 62 before smoking, works PERFECT for humidity!
However, I've noticed that some of the cigars are loose enough to move & bunp around when being handled and/or transported...
So what I'm wondering is, can anyone recommend any kind of material I can safely pack/stuff in to the tubs that will prevent the cigars from moving freely, but at the same time, also allow the air & humidity to be able to continue moving freely throughout the tub, as well as being neutral in smell/taste? I'm pretty sure they use glassine in some cigar boxes but that appears to be pretty expensive so I'm hoping you guys can suggest something else...thanks to anyone who provides any suggestions and/or info!
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