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Default Re: Tea Suggestions (from adiago)

I have an IngenuiTEA, its the best tea making device I've ever owned. I was going to get one of the around 8 dollar white tea pots, but they appear to be sold out. I want to be able to make tea in larger quantities than the IngenuiTEA, but I have no device to do so...

I've had the earl grey bravo and the ceylon sonata, both were great.

I'm learning getting many sampler (8-10 cup) sized again for my third big purchase from them, I get sencha and a black/darjeeling blend (daily drinkers) from a store here in town, so I think im going to keep trying to expose myself to different and more diverse teas available from them.

Jasmine silver needle, a couple Darjeeling, Oolong 8, more sonata, earl grey bravo (maybe the other type or earl gray as well, have any experience with that?), Assam, jasmine 12, and a couple others yet to be decided
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