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Default Is what I ate today okay?

Hi there
New to this weight loss thing. Trying hard not to count calories as for me this has become obsessive before in the past

But finding it hard to know how to eat to loose weight without counting?
This was what I had today-anxious that this is too much but what do you think? I am 22 years old and work on my feet some of the day

Breakfast= muesli and milk
Snack= apple
Lunch=2 baked falafel, spinach and hummus in wheat wrap
Tea= 1/2 cup rice, roasted parsnips, sundried tomato, 1 falafel mini corn on cob, carrots and 2tbsp hummus
Dessert= 2 squares dark choc (150cal)

Feeling guilty about having dessert but do you think this is okay?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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