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Default Corretto roaster, or how to start roasting for less than $100.00


I have been espousing the virtues of a Corretto roaster for quite some time, and wanted to give a little push towards an alternative roasting set up that is a bit different than the SC/CO methods widely used by the DIY community.

First and foremost, the Corretto roaster was born here, and is named after the thread where it first appeared.

Minimum requirements:

A bread maker (available widely at thrift stores, model does not matter)
A heat gun (available at hardware stores everywhere)
A scale (analog acceptable)
A metal colander

Extras, to make the roast more “scientific”:
Digital thermometer (k-type probe)
Digital scale
Microphone stand (to hold the heat gun)
Rewiring tools
Shop Vac ( for easy clean-up)

Pics of my set-up in the next posts.

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