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Exclamation Re: Air filters & you: The for cleaner air.


Success!! Last night I decided to run the blower/exhaust fan along with the Rabbit Air while I smoked a Camacho Toro. (Camacho’s seem to smoke up a room more than the average cigar in my experience.)
The room I smoked in is a long thin rectangular shape, approximately 40 x 11 ft and ceiling is about 8 ft or so, and after some careful calculation with my abacus, determining wind direction, and consulting my personal soothsayer, I’ve concluded that is about 3,520 square ft. But don’t quote me on that.
The exhaust/fan blower is on one end of the room and I stood under it the duration of the Toro, and I decided to place the Rabbit Air filter at about the middle of the room lengthwise. Initially I had it placed near the wall sort of behind me but it seemed he sensor wasn’t picking up on any smoke. Once placed at the middle of the room, it would occasionally sense smoke and kick up to about medium power but really nothing more than that. This leads me to believe that the exhaust blower was really kicking the proverbial ass of that Camacho.
About halfway through the smoke, I had a non smoker enter the far end of the room where i was not smoking and slowly walk towards me, when they reached halfway, where the Rabbit Air was, they said they smelled the cigar, but not at all before that!
Post cigar, I turned off the exhaust blower, manually turned the Rabbit Air to the “High” setting, went upstairs and allowed the Rabbit Air to run for about another hour then came back down to turn it off.
This morning, the non smoker & I returned to the room, and we both could not smell even a hint of the cigar!!! No exaggeration, it was as if no one had even smoked in the room!
So, my esteemed colleagues, in conclusion - I am absolutely satisfied with the Rabbit Air. Was the Rabbit Air solely responsible for the elimination of smoke? I suspect not. Or in other words, “nay”. I would have to credit the exhaust blower with about 70% elimination of smoke/odor and the remaining 30% to the Rabbit Air. But that kind of math adds up to a grand total of 100% satisfaction, and that is equal, or equivalent to, one IMMENSELY happy cigar smoker!
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