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Default Re: Pumping Iron with Adiftpanda and Icehog3 II

Holy crap Bob! I'm tired just reading about your workout.

Originally Posted by icehog3 View Post
Put some pants on!
Wish that was just shrinkage

Hour on the elliptical followed by some chest and leg.

Flat bench dumbbell
Flat dumbbell flys
Incline press
Incline flys
Laying over head press or something like that
Satanding High cable press

Leg press to calf press
Dead lift

Working on new/better form. Working on keeping the inside of my elbows pointed outwards more when doing deads and keeping my chin/neck more tucked. Recommended by the chiropractor since my neck no longer has a natural curve. And I've noticed I do stick my neck out more when pushing for complete reps.
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