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Default Re: college major, advice?

I've often been amazed at the number of majors out there that people will go to college and rack up lots of debt to pay for meaningless degrees. My advice would be to figure out exactly what it is that you want to do and see if those jobs hire people with those degrees.

Also take into consideration today's economy and structure of outsourcing/contracting to determine who secure a job in that field is. Having worked in logistics previously, it's a department that some companies may very well dump to "cut heads" and have someone else do. I've seen it happen. I've worked in procurement for a few years and in my last position, we were deemed an expense, regardless of how many millions we saved the company. A department of 13 people when I hired in 2 years previously was dismantled to just 4 in less than 2.5 years.

For example, someone interested in psychology may go pursue a B.S. in psychology, only to realize you'll need a masters if not a PhD to do anything within the field of psychology.

Just be sure you know what you're getting yourself into knowing what expectations employers have with regards to education.
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