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Default Re: Chicken and Sausage gumbo

D, this is pretty similar to what/how I've been making (it) for years (although I also use tomatoes, but I am from California...), and I've done it with breasts, with thighs/leg quarters and with whole chickens. All breasts work fine, but I feel they tend to lack a bit in the flavor department. All thigh/leg quarters ends up being a bit too greasy for my tastes, I prefer the mixture of the light and dark meats, since I'm not cooking huge quantities, one chicken breast and two thighs or one leg section is what I usually use.

I do know that some markets in the bay area don't regularly carry whole chickens, but I can't believe that you can't find a package of Foster Farms whole cut-up chicken though. Just ask the butcher at the market, they probably have one or the other in the back deep freezer. There is always costco too, they carry whole chickens in a two-pack.
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