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Default Re: What tea are you Drinking?

Originally Posted by NJ stogie King View Post
I love loose teas....especially now in the summer!! I also have a Teavana store near me as well, but I find that the tea smells so potent in the container and then I have to beg it to taste the same when it hit's my mouth!! Does anyone have a loose tea or tea recipe that they can recommend that tastes as good as it smells?? I know that the water dilutes it, but I am one for a lot of taste in my tea!! Let me know!!
Yes. Follow the directions carefully for temperature of water and length of steeping time. Then experiment based on how well you like the results you get, changing one variable at a time. Rapid hot infusion will get you one kind of result, slower cooler infusion another kind of result. Try a cold refrigerator infusion overnight and see how that expresses the various flavor components in a way you may find more similar to the aroma.

"Tea espresso" through an Aeropress or similar device is something I like a lot; give it a try.
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