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Default Re: Need some help with a life decision

Some excellent advice here. I know this, with a aeronautical science major, pilots license etc, everyone thought I would be flying for the airlines one day (as did I), then I had to follow my heart and do what "I" wanted to do (joined the Marines....ground guy). Not for my parents, friends (esp girlfriend), "you" be you. Never regretted a second of it.

Frankly its just fine not to know what you want to do in life but what I would tell all my Marines, do a profession, regardless of what it is that on sunday night, you aren't mad about going to work. If you do that, you will be very happy and live a lot longer. Additionally, unless you want to be a doctor or lawyer, the school you graduate from, means very little in the business world. Get your degree no matter what, get a job at the golf course while youre in school so you can play for free.

p.s. - Barnes and Noble has a very thick book re: grants & scholarships that go unclaimed every year b/c no one applies for them. You will never get one if you never apply for one, then you can go to school pretty much wherever ya want.

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