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Default Need some help with a life decision

since you guys are the brothers I need some help. So like many of you know Iím a freshman in college and I really enjoy cigars now. Iím a bio major on a pre dental track which Iíve always wanted to do I also play D2 golf with is another dream Iíve always wanted. So Iíve had a great year to find out my university is 10 million in debt and is having a financial Crisis. Long story short they cut over half of the majors including mine but all sports are staying. Everyone thought they were gonna close but the school says they have enough gas In the tank for. The 2019-2020 year but after that who knows. Thereís a few schools around but none Iíve been thrilled with and the other university which is a public state D2 university golf coach is kinda a ass and probably wouldnít take me even tho Iím a upper 70s shooter and a 5 handicap. So do I change schools or stay and change my major to exercise science and then try to go into physical therapy which was always my backup plan because honestly idk if Iíd get into dental school. The other issue is my best friends both golfers who are like my bothers. One is leaving for sure but the other will probably stay because they kept nursing. It would kinda suck if I stayed and my friends left even though we need to do whatís good for myself. Iím a torn up mess because Iím really happy where Iím at in life.
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