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I've been a big Cotto fan ever since I first saw him at Boardwalk 3 years ago. The first time I saw him he won the WBA welterweight over Quintana. I just kind of had this feeling about him...that he would just become a power house. His right hand made Quintana quiver, even when it hit his glove. That's pretty uncommon in Welterweights.

I hate that he's been called a has-been, although it's a little bit true. His fight against Margarito, he dominated and that was a great thing to watch. He came back in with power and ring savvy...not really stamina, but that's alright.

I hate Mayweather. There is nothing good about an undefeated fighter (Anderson Silva (MMA) is a cocky m'effer and I resent that.) Floyd has a big mouth, but he can back it up, I just hope it's Cotto that beats him. That would be a glorious thing. I have almost no doubt that, if Cotto doesn't, Pac will. Pac is the best boxer in the world, in my opinion. Mayweather will pay for his verbal harrassment towards him when they fight...I'd almost guaruntee that.
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