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Default Re: Cigar Smoking Technique

Originally Posted by bimmerguy82 View Post
Forgive my newbness, but in regards to exhaling through the nose, that obviously requires inhaling. I always thought cigars were just meant to be puffed in the mouth and back out? I have accidently inhaled a bit and almost died. Do you inhale just like smoking a cig/joint?

The video here gives you a pretty clear rundown of snorking/retrohaling. No smoke actually enters your lungs, only passes through your sinuses. Try this with your next smoke:

1. Take a normal draw off the cigar.
2. Start to exhale out the smoke as you would normally
3. When there's just a little bit of smoke left to exhale close your mouth and finish exhaling through your nose. The smoke will have nowhere else to go but out through your sinuses.

Notice you never once inhaled any of the smoke into your lungs, only forced it out through your nasal passages. I smoked cigs for years before having my first cigar and even then there's no way I can/could inhale a draw from a cigar.

It's important to remember to only retrohale a small amount of smoke out when you're first learning this technique, otherwise you're gonna have an unpleasant experience. Also, don't overdo it with the retrohales. When I was first starting out with cigars I would retro almost every draw. While this made for a very flavorful first 1/3, my sinuses would be fried by the 1/2 way point and the stick would become pretty bland or one-dimensional.
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