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Originally Posted by borndead1 View Post
Muestra de Saka #NLMTHA lancero (7 x 38)

Got this one in a lancero/lonsdale trade on C-Bid.

Not much flavor at first, a woodsy finish. About 1" in, a nasty chemical aftertaste comes in. This is a bit comical to me, since the only other Muestra de Saka cigar I've tried had the same issue. I pitched this one pretty quick.

EDIT: I just looked up this cigar. $120+ for a box of 7? HAHAHAHA muthaf*kka please...
Those Saka cigars ain't cheap, Mark. I liked the Umbagog and a couple others that were gifted to me on another forum. Haven't had the Muestra, and sounds like I am glad?

Thanks Dave, Julian, James, Kelly, Peter, Gerry, Dave, Mo, Frank, Týr and Mr. Mark!
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