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Default Re: It's been a while...

Originally Posted by Tio Gato View Post
Tom's right. Rumor was back when the 3000 was awesome it was a closeout of a great brand. Unfortunately it had a very similar name to a well established brand. Lawsuit, then they disappeared. Theory is that the maker bundled all inventory and sold them to Famous as the 3000. When the originals were gone Famous found someone to try to replicate the blend. I'm not sure it was true but it was widely speculated on many cigar forums.

Welcome back!
Thanks for that tidbit. A sad tale on multiple levels, if true. I'll enjoy the last one I have.

I'm trying to explore other blenders but I can't seem to stop craving Pepin Garcia sticks. Unfortunately my wallet and palate are at odds. AJ Fernandez looks like a likely next target. I have a Man O War and maybe a Diesel.
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