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Default Macanudo Robust - Prince Philip

This was also a gift from a BOTL who probably meant to torture me with the size of this beast at 7.5x49.

I love the band at the foot telling it's a "New Flavor Blend" I mean isn't every new line a new flavor blend?

Here we go

Appearance: Milk chocolate in color, Box pressed

Construction: Very solid, The wrapper has a nice texture to it. Some small veins.

Pre-light draw: Draw is perfect but got no flavor at all (not a huge deal for me)

Light:Coffee, nuts, leather, Sweet, vanilla, overall very mild

First Third:Nutmeg, sweetness, vanilla, creamy, hazelnut, mild spice, leather, coffee, honey. Flavors are very mild so far and with the size it gave my lungs quite a workout.
Ash:quite flaky and had to ash it after an inch

Burn:uneven at times

Smoke:Faint and wispy

Second Third:Sweetness, leather, creamy, vanilla, honey, coffee, tea, spice, Very slight pepper, Now the cigar is really coming to life with some power.

Ash:still flaky and barely holding more than an inch

Burn: very uneven

Smoke: started faint and wispy but became full with good textures

Last Third:Slight sweetness, leather, dark chocolate, some pepper on the tongue, spice, tea, earthy, Never harsh but strong, sweet spiciness, Strong sweet tea.

Ash: never stable at all

Burn: remained uneven

Smoke:Glorious amounts of smoke towards the end.

Finish:Strong, Full bodied, never got harsh and I think the sweetness really undercut any harshness.

Conclusion: Started out very mild and turned into a strong full bodied smoke about halfway through. It was a lot of work to get to that point which is why I don't generally care for smokes of this size. In the end I did enjoy what it became though. Would I buy a box? No but if going to my B&M and saw one I might pick up a single from time to time.

on my completely made up and random scales using our solar system smallest planet to largest (Pluto - the sun) and yes I count pluto as a planet! I'd rate this a Neptune.
“When I have found intense pain relieved, a weary brain soothed, and calm, refreshing sleep obtained by a cigar, I have felt grateful to God, and have blessed His name.” Spurgeon
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