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Default Re: Properly Seasoning a New Humidor

Originally Posted by Confederado View Post
I bought a humidor about a month ago and followed all of the instructions for seasoning that came with it, but the hygrometer is still hovering around 52%. It never got higher than around 62 - 65 when I was calibrating it, and the instructions said it should read 75%. I suppose I should try again? In the meantime, what's the best way to store my cigars while it's seasoning?
What was the procedure they suggested for seasoning? Many times, they simply say to wipe it down with a sponge but that is not nearly effective enough and if don't improperly, could lead to a bad seal on the humidor.

Like Ice suggested, if using an analog, you'll want to salt test it to make sure it's calibrated (that goes for digital as well for that matter).

Since the hygrometer is our only visual indicator for what the exact RH level is inside the humidor, I recommend calibrating your digital hygrometer twice a year and replacing the battery annually (weak batteries can give a false reading as well).

Most hygrometers are off, typically +/- 2-4% by sometimes by as much at 10-12%.

1.) How to Test and Calibrate a Hygrometer:

A. Fill a small container with salt (milk bottle cap or ketchup cup works well)

B. Add a few drops of distilled water. NOT enough to dissolve the salt, just enough to moisten it. You want the mixture to be thick and pasty.

C. Put the cap inside of an air tight zip lock bag or plastic container along with your hygrometer. Then seal the bag or container. (Tupperware works well).

D. Wait 24 hours, then check the reading on your hygrometer without opening the bag or container (or quickly open the container and check if the container is not clear).

If the reading is 75%, then your hygrometer is accurate and no adjustment is required.

If the reading is not precisely 75%, then you will just have to remember to add or subtract the difference between the test reading and 75%, in order to determine the actual humidity level inside of your humidor.

For example, if your hygrometer test reading was 80%, then subtract 5% from the readings you get when the hygrometer is inside of your humidor to determine the actual levels of humidity.

(e.g. a reading of 70% inside your humidor equals an actual humidity
level of 65%).

Writing the +/- percentage on a piece of tape or small post it note and
affixing it to the hygrometer works well.

2.) Properly seasoning your humidor is critical. If the new wood is not properly seasoned, it will continue to absorb moisture from the RH Beads until the wood has reached it saturation point. To properly season, simply place a bowl of distilled water in the humidor and leave it closed for 7-14 days.

3.) Performance may also depend on your ambient humidity, how frequently you open and close you humidor, how well the seal of the humidor is and how often you add new cigars (drier ambient humidity introduced into your relative environment may reduce the RH level temporarily and new cigars may absorb some moisture if at a lower RH level than that of your humidor).

I hope this helps

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