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Default Snow Geisha white tea

This particular blend of white tea hearkens back to my foray into loose leaf teas about 6-8 months ago. To say that I was inexperienced would be fair, however before that I had been using many twinnings blends due to the expense of loose leaf, however on this occasion (read: Christmas) I had requested several teas and received the Snow Geisha as my first.

This is a flavored tea line from teavanna that includes a very subtle white tea whit withered cherry and rose petals. The infusion brings about a sense of ludens cough syrup, a very syrupy cherry aroma that, while not unpleasant, is just a bit overpowering. However upon a mild sweetening (the only way I drink tea) and a taste I was rather impressed. My palate received a much more subtle cherry flavor and the rose flavor was very present. It was effervescent, and soothing. The weather was cold and a little snow so I really found myself feeling the Geisha spirit of beauty and tranquility flow through me (I know Im channeling some great Japanese philosopher at the moment). In all seriousness I would suggest this tea even to a fan of malty black teas, and especially to fans of green tea trying to get into the pureness of white tea. White tea aficionados may find this to be a lesser tea to say a silver needle but I find the flavors blend well. I give it a thumbs up, and suggest it to anyone feeling the spirit of the geisha within them self

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