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Default Coffee People: Jet Fuel

For this particular review (my first review on this site ever) I will say that I drink this coffee from a K-Cup brewer.

I love this brew it has strength out the wazoo, and gives one enough buzz to stay up for an opening shift (hate my job...). Anyway I can tell you without a doubt this is not your average coffee, the espresso at my local coffee place doesn't have anything on it. That being said it has some subtle flavors that just endeer me. It's not too acrid, and has that great punch without being bitter. paired with some good dark chocolate and a Romeo y Julieta it is the ultimate post dinner treat.

With a great bold, and slightly nutty, flavor and a subtle creamy after taste that hints at some choclate I can honestly call this one of the best coffees in my whole collection. If you get the chance pick this brew up!
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