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Default Kona

If there is anything called "Kona Blend" that is worth drinking (anywhere except, maybe, on the island) I never tasted it. I think a Kona blend is pretty much a lie, like Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Sunday: two pounds of green Kona Mountain(tm) (The Love of Aloha) 100% Kona Coffee made it to my doorstep. Rather than fiddle around I went for the gusto and dumped it all into the BBQ-roaster. Nine minutes later the smoke was exploding and the first crack was popping loudly, almost like popcorn. 10 1/2 minutes later the last few snaps were still at it when I dumped the beans into the cooling tower. Color is an even light/medium brown - no hint of surface oil. Kona shines for me when the roast is very light - I may have gone a minute too far with this.

Monday: a pot in the press. It's OK but under-developed. There is the hint of something great coming along in a few days but, right now, it tastes a bit "green" and is mildly astringent.
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