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Default Frog Morton

Well last night VS and I met up for a few cigars, and I picked his brain a bit, looking for something different to try in the world of pipe tobacco, and Joe suggested Frog Morton. This would be my first crack at what would be considered an English blend. Opening the tin was an experience for me. Of the few tins I had opened previously, nothing quite packed a punch like this. An aroma of smoky bbq filled my nose. The tobacco was dark and oily looking.

Tonight, it was cool out, so I took a few pinches and filled up a bowl and took a walk. Lighting up, the first pull was overpowering. Being an inexperienced pipe smoker, I had never had anything with as much flavor. Smokey, sweet and my first latakia. As I continued to walk, I began to enjoy the flavors more and more, as I had become more accustomed to overwhemling flavors like nothing I had ever tried before.

Now I'm not sure if its much of a review, as I'm still so new at this, and not really sure of what I'm smoking, but an hour or so later, i still taste the sweet smoky flavors on my tongue. It was a really good bowl, something I think once my pallet becomes accustomed to, I will very much enjoy.
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