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Default Personal Avatar Notice

To all Cigar Asylum Members,

It has come to our attention that there are a few members with avatar pictures that are not entirely appropriate here.
The Team of 11 would like to ask you to please review your current avatar (the picture under your name that shows on every post you make) and change it if you:

would not be comfortable with your girlfriend/wife/mother seeing it on your name here.

would not like your employer or superior to see it if they walked in on you.

would not like us to choose one for you that would be more appropriate.

Your profile picture (the one seen if looking at your personal profile) is not the one we are referring to. Those can only been seen if looking at a specific persons profile. Those are not the issue here.

I personally had a female client walk into my cubicle yesterday afternoon and it was just bad timing. I had a thread open, and a member had a avatar that drew her attention and I was questioned about it.

I do not wish to be put in that position again, nor would I want anyone else here to share that pain. So, in advance we ask our membership to please be thoughtful of others when selecting an avatar for yourself. It shows on every post you make here and can be seen by everyone.

We will give folks a few days to do this. In the end if we review your avatar and find it not appropriate, it will be changed for you and it is entirely possible that you will no longer be able to upload your own, but be only able to use one of the default avatars as a result.
Members have till Monday (11/10) morning to change them.

In advance we thank you for your understanding in this matter.

The Team of 11

Cigar Asylum: A cigar board birthed without agendas, without profiting, and without advertisements. Amor puro

Character is what you do when no one is watching

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