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Default Humidification Beads FAQs

These are the three most common troubleshooting tips for setting up your humidor using humidification beads.

1.) What are the dimensions of your humidor? (eg verify you have enough)

- Verify that the Puck-ifier is the right size for you humidor. The Puck-100 will regulate up to 1050 cubic inches of volume and the Puck-50 will regulate up to 405 cubic inches.

- 1 lb of RH Beads will regulate up to 5 cubic feet and 8 ounces will regulate up to 2.5 cubic feet.

2.) Did you properly season the humidor when you first received it? (Doesn't apply to a cooler)

- New wood will quickly soak up moisture faster than the Puck-ifer can put out. To ensure the best use, properly seasoning your new humidor is essential.

3.) Have you replaced the batteries and calibrated your digital hygrometer?

- Hygrometers can be off as much as 10% and weak batteries can and do give false readings. I recommend replacing the battery once a year and calibrating at least twice a year.

* Approximately 60-80% of the RH Beads should be hydrated to allow the RH Beads to absorb and excess moisture. (Wet RH Beads will become clear, dry RH Beads will be milky white. If you accidentally over saturate the RH Beads, simply spread them on a cookie sheet and dry them with a hair dryer set on low until they turn milky white and then rehydrate so 60-80% of the RH Beads turn clear).

To Properly Season A Humidor:
In regards to seasoning, it's pretty simple. Most people think that you should wipe down the interior with water and you're done but I DO NOT recommend this for two reasons. 1.) It does not provide enough moisture to properly season the humidor 2.) It can warp the wood in the humidor.

New wood will draw moisture until it reaches its saturation point, so to properly season your humidor, simply place a large bowl of distilled water into the humidor and keep it closed for 7-14 days. This will allow the dry wood to absorb as much moisture as it can hold. By doing this, you will have a more stable environment for your cigars and reduce the chances of the dry wood absorbing moisture from your cigars. Patience is key to ensure that your new humidor is properly seasoned.

Calibrating a Hygrometer:
Since the hygrometer is our only visual indicator for what the exact RH level is inside the humidor, I recommend calibrating your digital hygrometer twice a year and replacing the battery annually (weak batteries can give a false reading as well).

How to Test and Calibrate a Hygrometer:
1. Fill a small container with salt (milk bottle cap or ketchup cup works well).

2. Add a few drops of distilled water. NOT enough to dissolve the salt, just enough to moisten it. You want the mixture to be thick and pasty.

3. Put the cap inside of an air tight zip lock bag or plastic container along with your hygrometer. Then seal the bag or container. (Tupperware works well).

4. Wait 24 hours, then check the reading on your hygrometer without opening the bag or container (or quickly open the container and check if the container is not clear).

If the reading is 75%, then your hygrometer is accurate and no adjustment is required.

If the reading is not precisely 75%, then you will just have to remember to add or subtract the difference between the test reading and 75%, in order to determine the actual humidity level inside of your humidor.

For example, if your hygrometer test reading was 80%, then subtract 5% from the readings you get when the hygrometer is inside of your humidor to determine the actual levels of humidity. (e.g. a reading of 70% inside your humidor equals an actual humidity level of 65%).

Writing the +/- percentage on a piece of tape or small post it note and affixing it to the hygrometer works well.

How do I calculate what size Puck-ifier™ or how many RH Beads™ I will need?

To calculate the volume, simply follow this formula:
Multiply the length in inches X width in inches X height in inches
(ex: 10 in. x 10 in. x 10 in. = 1000 cu. in.)
1 oz = 540 cu. in.
2 oz = 1080 cu. in.
3 oz = 1620 cu. in.
4 oz = 2160 cu. in.
5 oz = 2700 cu. in.
6 oz = 3240 cu. in.
7 oz = 3780 cu. in.
8 oz = 4320 cu. in.
9 oz = 4860 cu. in.
10 oz = 5400 cu. in.
11 oz = 5940 cu. in.
12 oz = 6480 cu. in.
13 oz = 7020 cu. in.
14 oz = 7560 cu. in.
15 oz = 8100 cu. in.
16 oz = 8640 cu. in.

The Puck-ifer 50 will regulate up to 405 cubic inches and the Puck-ifier 100 will regulate up to 1050 cubic inches of volume.

Why are existing humidification products inferior to the Puck-ifier™ & RH Beads™?

Most humidifiers use a green foam called "floral foam". These products have no regulatory properties what-so-ever. They simply add moisture (humidity) into the air which often creates conditions that are too humid.

There are also "envelope" style humidifiers that utilize a salt solution. The problem with these products is that they dry out quickly and need regular replacing which can be very costly.

Some humidifiers contain a crystallized desiccant gel that is impregnated with propylene glycol (PG). As the end user continues to add water to the product, the regulatory properties are washed away entirely, rendering the gel useless.

The Puck-ifier™ & RH Beads™ both absorbs and releases water vapor and for many, many, many years (when used properly).

How are the Puck-ifier™ & RH Beads™ different from existing products on the market, like "humidification gels", "crystal humidifiers" and tubes with crystals?

Unlike the Puck-ifier™ & RH Beads™, existing products on the market, like "humidification gels" and tubes are filled with absorbent polymer crystals, that are merely impregnated with propylene glycol (PG). This solution will help emit water vapor, often times too much humidity but will not absorb excess water vapor to reduce levels of relative humidity.

Also, because these products are impregnated with PG, as the user adds distilled water to reactivate the product, the PG is eventually washed away entirely...rendering the product useless. These products have a finite lifespan and need to be replaced over time. Puck-ifier™ & RH Beads™ will last a LIFETIME.

The Puck-ifier™ & RH Beads™ has been scientifically engineered to BOTH absorb and release water vapor to precisely regulate relative humidity levels in a closed container. This same technology is utilized by both the Smithsonian Institute and the National Archives to protect our nation's most treasured documents.

The existing products also require the depletion of valuable humidor space. None of the products are designed for mounting to the interior of the lid or to side walls of humidors.

This is why Puck-ifier™ & RH Beads™ is the most superior product on the market!

Are RH Beads™ the same as silica gel?

NO! Desiccant gels are specifically designed to ONLY absorb excess moisture in order to lower humidity levels. They do nothing to actually regulate relative humidity! The RH Beads™ are engineered to BOTH absorb and release water vapor to maintain a precise level of relative humidity that is CRITICAL to cigar storage. The is NOTHING available even remotely similar to the RH Beads™.

The relative humidity in my humidor is too high or too low, will the Puck-ifier™ & RH Beads™ help?

Absolutely! The Puck-ifier™ & RH Beads™ are engineered to both absorb AND release water vapor in order to maintain a precise level of relative humidity.

How long will the Puck-ifier™ & RH Beads™ last?

If used properly, the RH Beads™ will last a lifetime!

Other products will dry out and need to be replaced over time (most within a few months).

How will I know when to re-hydrate the Puck-ifier™ & RH Beads™?

Completely dry RH Beads™ will turn milky white. Hydrated RH Beads™ will become clear in nature.

Do I need to use Propylene Glycol (a.k.a. PG, Humidifier Solution, 50/50 Solution) the Puck-ifier™ & RH Beads™?

NO! This solution will also clog the pours of the RH Beads™ and has no added benefit since the RH Beads™ are more effective than those messy and costly solutions.

I hope this helps and happy smoking!


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